Advertising, New Product Introductions and C2C Conversations

Do advertising and new product introductions drive C2C conversations? Do they have similar effects in online and offline settings? How do they impact the valence of C2C conversations? Are these effects moderated by brand characteristics? This research investigates these issues using weekly C2C conversation data in offline and online settings. The results highlight different roles for advertising and new product introductions across channel and valence of C2C conversations. 

Value of Web Personalization

Firms invest significant dollars in information technology (IT) and customer intelligence tools to enhance their capabilities. A significant trend in the marketplace pertains to retailers using personalization technologies to build stronger relationships with customers. Web personalization refers to tailoring offerings and communications to meet customer preferences based on stated, observed, and predictive data. Personalization is increasingly used as a tool by online retailers because the Internet provides tremendous opportunities to collect and process information. In this research, we examine whether web personalization creates value by lowering churn, acquiring new customers, more cross-selling or charging higher prices. 

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